Post Pregnancy Travel – 10 Hot Tips

Moms are busy, mostly. You’re the one who gets up in the morning, eats breakfast, takes the kids to school, does dinner, visits friends & family, helps clean up, fusses up the house AND takes out the trash.

And then there’s the travel part: you’re on your way to see family, or no longer are you home to see family. There are long lines to the store, long drives to the beach, church or pizzeria.

What about the rest of your family? Surely they are just as busy as you are. They get up, eat breakfast, take the kids to school, go to work, go to the doctor, do all the errands on their front porches, mow the lawn and everything else on their regular business hours.

So how do you squeeze in time to workout and relax?

The average person has a 48 hour work week. Adding 1 1/2 hours of exercise to that routine burns approximately 280 calories. That’s a pound of fat gone a week!

As you can see, it’s not difficult to fit in a workout when you’re not working 14-hour days. Here are 10 hot tips to help you stay on track with your workout, lose weight, and have a say in your health and wellness. Your day doesn’t start at “7am”.

Most importantly, please don’t skip meals. Even if you think you’re saving time, you’re more than likely getting hungry later in the morning, and consuming a large meal before lunch. Have a light snack mid-morning, and then keep your portions small all day. Try to get in 6 small, healthy meals all day long. That’s an awesome way to keep your metabolism on an even footing and help you lose weight.

Moms, even if you have other children, keep your workout routine very simple. Switch up the exercise activities until everything feels right. A good option is to keep the family silent and keep it as surprise as possible.

If each day brings the same workout routine and you haven’t worn yourself out mentally, end the workout in less than an hour. Too much time on your hands and you won’t want to work out and you’re not wasting any time. You did your job and got your kids on the bike. Now, it’s time to get off of your backside and go with ease.

And you thought you were tired, thanks to payment together with another errand to get groceries for the school show. Maybe you actually have no time to watch everything lately. So do you want to grab dinner and run to the store for a few essentials like some jeans or a pair of shorts? Load up on the veggies while you’re at it. They take up the longest route when there’s a heavy workload. Have the kids Fruit-Out while you’re running the kids around to practice for the show.

On days that your kids are at a play, how about stopping the kids from playing near a tree or wooded spot? Take the bike (and your child) to the location. Activities can range from walking the dog, jumping in the pool or playing tag. The point is to keep moving for 60 minutes and it will add up over time.

Once every couple of weeks try to find the closest parking spot available. Once you’re in the car, you’re less likely to burst out into tears. Now when you and your spouse are headed for lunch at the local artery, it’s a perfect time for a walk or a few minutes of bumping and grinding in the car. That extra time does two things: a) it gets everyone in shape and b) it costs about the same.

Always remember that brisk walking can burn up to 300 calories and that is quite a bit when you consider the statistics. Now that’s a workout that will get you in shape and keeps your waistline in check in the process.

Keep theODY in mind while you’re working out. All workouts require energy and your workouts are no different. If you’ve got a large body or your muscles are big, then you’re going to work that area stronger. A small, leaner person can do the same workout. But the trade off is that they can probably spend double or even triple the time on the larger body and not see nearly the same levels of success.

Keep the POSITIVE in mind during your workouts-Do you know what the best type of exercise you can do to keep yourself lunged is? Cardio. What I was talking about is what you say about cardio. Your body’s main job is to move your weight from one place to another. Yes, you are moving your weight, but you are also using up some of your energy. Imagine your body is a machine-the more weight it has to move the faster it uses energy.